Pocket Knife Brands

We cannot stress enough that every individual should have, take, and work with a pocket knife. Literally, as frequently as lawfully pragmatic and sensible it’s to achieve that. That said, we wouldn’t encourage anyone to just go out and purchase a knife without even doing any type of research. The regrettable reality is this: there are too many unworthy blades on the market now. We live in a universe where, for a few, the mighty dollar reigns over all. And those kinds of people may benefit from the uneducated consumer.

Thankfully, in addition, there are a lot of pocket knife brands which take an enormous amount of pride in their work. These are the associations which people aspire to steer you toward. Whether you’re picking your first or your fiftieth folder, then these 1-5 brands are the cream of the crop in terms of pocket knives. From the following write up, we’ve endeavoured to attest for you a bit about each company and also have picked out one of our favourite knives which, we think, reflects what they’re about.




Launched in 1988 with a single purpose in mind to make and craft the finest knives in the world — Benchmade is now a business which has remained entirely true to their origins. Headquartered in Oregon City, Oregon they are still creating what some people today think are the very best total folding knives on the market these days. Probably the most popular knife so much, the Griptilian is highly commended from the regular carry community because of its dependability and extended working lifetime. If you do not head their comparatively high starting price, it is pretty difficult to perform better than the usual pocket made by Benchmade.





Boker is kinda a black horse at the folding knife area — so it’d appear. They create some pretty fantastic blade but we presume they don’t really obtain the credit that they deserve. This new has origins that date back as much as the 17th century, even if it had been a small-end tool shop in Germany. Throughout WWII, their mill in Sölingen was destroyed and was not rebuilt before the 1950s. They create a broad range of cutting-edge tools which vary between EDC knives to hunting blades, to kitchen knives. These were one among the earliest brands to earn ceramic bladed folding knives as are available on their own Anti-Grav knife we’ve featured here.



This was in 1902 that the very first Buck knife was made by Hoyt Buck because he tried to devise a superior strategy to temper steel. You notice, Hoyt was not pleased with the manner that knives of this period held a border. It’d appear his methods and quality services and products struck a chord along with his fellow hunters and outdoors men because Buck Knives remains for this day one of their most effective American legacy hunting knife brands available on the market. Their 1 10 version is just one of these earliest & best for its own usability, quality of stuff, and understated sophistication. It might not be flashy, yet this knife is equally just as reliable as they come.




Cold Steel has a reputation for being somewhat strange, thanks in part for their broad product range — that comprises everything from broadswords to woodcutting axes — along with their promotional stuff. But that does not indicate they create a terrible item. In reality, their devotion to innovation is close unmatched. Launched in 1980, this Ventura, California manufacturer was able to place themselves in the forefront of modernization using knife technologies such as their patented Tri-Ad lock. And, judging by their continuously evolving catalogue, they are searching to keep things like that.



Easily among many greatest dogs at the folding knife area, CRKT has made their place one of the elite. Not merely can they will have a vast selection of services and products which cover every place from the many hardcore out doors into the all-day-every-day EDC, however they are no slouches about technical invention, either. In reality, we’re convinced their tool-free field strip tech — that has been designed along with famous designer Ken Onion and will be seen inside their home-front knife included here — is definitely going to become the upcoming big evolutionary step from the realm of pocket knives.


Robert Young Pelton has, purposely, embroiled himself 30 decades of battle, wilderness, along with hard-use surroundings. And he also designed his new. These knives are not your grandad’s boy-scout blade. They’re supposed to see you via the absolute roughest of times and come from the other hand unscathed. If you end up in an urgent situation, trust, you are going to need these knives on the pocket. Plus, they truly are located from San Diego, California, that makes them a specific place within our hearts.



This new has perhaps one of the very loyal fanbases from the whole folding knife area. Also, it’s with great reason, due to their blades are of a remarkably large quality. Additionally, they have a cost to fit. Nonetheless, you get everything you purchase: Each Emerson knife has been made in the united states — a simple fact where they’re viciously proud. What began as a customized knife brand in 1979 has become one of many all-time most useful tactical knife manufacturing businesses on earth. Still another lesser reality: the new creator, Ernest Emerson, is one of earth’s most honoured and sought-after hand to hand combat teachers on earth.


Gerber Gear


Never to be mistaken with all the baby food brand, Gerber Gear was making quality gear, knives, and much more for decades. Launched in 1939, this Portland, Oregon established brand frees themselves both in the legacy and they’re unabashed want to always be innovating. By blending premium quality cloths and forward-facing layouts — which can be manufactured to endure up into a life of usage — Gerber has solidified themselves perhaps not in the pocket knife universe, however in the increased hard-use tool universe. Whether you are a weekend warrior with a penchant for fishing or else you are a separate longterm regular transport enthusiast, then this new has got something to you.

Kershaw Knives


Back in 1974, knife salesman Pete Kershaw launched his own personal cutlery company after leaving his former company, Gerber Legendary Gear — now known as just Gerber Gear. That provider became the pocket-sized knife brand we all know of today as Kershaw Knives. This new specializes in high quality relatively low-priced folding blades. & most of them include a proprietary assisted-opening installation known as SpeedSafe. They have a penchant for dealing using custom knife artists and manufacturers like Ken Onion, Rick Hinderer, and Ernest Emerson — to mention a couple. If you are trying to find a high-quality blade at an incredibly affordable price, you’re going to be hard pressed to do better when compared to the usual Kershaw, particularly in the event that you pick up a Cryo.


Ontario Knife Company

OKC, that means Ontario Knife Company and maybe not Oklahoma City, happen to be building a broad variety of quality services and products — for example knives, cutlery & kitchen ware, and gear — for more than 125 years outside of up state ny. A significant portion of their business enterprise, in reality, was making some such services and products to its united states of america military. Therefore, as you may imagine, OKC is excessively proud either of this legacy and to this very fact that their assortment of the product has been created within the united states, too. They might perhaps not really be considered a household name when it comes to pocket knives, but they are undoubtedly nothing lacking masterful within their inventions. Catch one of the services and products and we’re confident that you may not be disappointed down.




Does Opinel create some exceptionally reliable, exceptional, and cheap folding knives, however they will have already been doing this for over a century? Launched in Savoie, France from the 1800s as a family owned and operated workingman’s knife manufacturing new, Opinel popularized the peasant’s knife. They offer you the complete selection of folders which can be still styled for example their own initial predecessors — kitchen cutlery, and several of speciality gear. Their blades are all on the longer end of this spectrum, however for the cost that you may certainly not locate anything that is better quality compared to their own offerings. Their No. 8 Knife featured here’s a great companion for hiking trips and is still really a great all-purpose outdoors man’s folder.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools

Throughout the Vietnam War, there is an elite highly-classified special ops unit called MACV SOG. The provider of soldiers transported a technical combat knife using them in their covert assignments. This absolutely was the diversion and production with the knife in 1986 which lent SOG their name and their beginning for an organization. They are still generated superb tactical blades — including the Navy SEAL’s knife of preference — but additionally provide the complete and evolving lineup of all-encompassing folders for regular transport, hunting and the outdoors, along with industrial uses. If you’re interested in finding a pocket knife having a more competitive advantage, SOG could just be the newest for you personally.



According to Golden, Colorado, Spyderco is possibly most famous for their particular leaf-shaped blades. This, however, is an oversimplification of the worth for a firm. Despite their exclusive silhouettes, the standard of the brand’s knives really is excellent. In addition, they have a penchant for experimentation with fresh blade steels and have been, in actuality, the very first business to utilize powder metallurgy at a production knife. Spyderco also has a lengthy history of working together with some of the major names in pocket knife layout, such as (but not confined to) Jens Anso, Ken Onion, Bob Terzuola, Ernest Emerson, and Tim Wenger. However, to give credit where credit is due, Sal Glesser — that the new creator — is a superb knife builder in his own right.




Zero Tolerance Knives

Sharing a parent company with a different new with this checklist, Kershaw,” zero-tolerance only leaves their pocket knives in the USA. Launched in 2006, zero-tolerance fast became among the very commended blade manufacturers on earth due to his or her exceptionally quality, excellent style, and general reliability. Indeed, it’s difficult to do a lot better than the usual knife at this brand new. Between the top-notch steels, master craftsmanship, and amazing attention to detail, so there is no wonder that they assert their products are”proudly’Overbuilt.'” However, if you’d like the type of quality provided with this Tualatin, then Oregon-based brand, you additionally will need to be ready to pay for a suitable quantity.


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