Knife Sharpener Brands



The unique, patented Kleva Sharp® uses tungsten-carbide technology to give the lifespan of your knives. Kleva Sharp® works on just about any knife, for example, high priced tempered steel knives and perhaps even serrated blades (such as bread knives and hunting knives), which makes it, unlike some other knife sharpener, sharpening or steel rock you’ve ever employed.


We’ve got the widest lineup of knife and scissors sharpeners available, which range from simple,fixed angle pull-through sharpeners for people who need fast and simple sharpening, to complex Precision Kits designed for that knife sharpening enthusiast. Our offering comprises both manual and electric sharpeners that comprise numerous abrasive substances including diamond, carbide, ceramic, bonded synthetic abrasives as well as clearly, natural Arkansas stone.

We’re continuously attempting to determine advanced procedures for supplying customers with the ideal advantage as shown by our new launching of an electrical sharpener comprising interlocking diamond-coated wheels which covers a factory-sharp border into a knife with just a couple rapid moves of this knife. In addition, we provide designs which are acceptable for the area or to get the own gourmet kitchen.

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