Kizer Kyre Review

Price: About $150

The Good: Good looking, deployment includes middle-finger flick fun-factor
The Bad: Crooked ergonomics make for poor ‘usability’
Bottom Line: Good option for a fidgety collector, but hardly the perfect EDC

Kizer Rattler Review

Price: About $166
The Good: Impeccable fit and finish, feels great in the hand, smooth action, excellent cutting ability
The Bad: Uninspiring pocket clip, some blade loosening after heavy usage, challenging to sharpen.
Bottom Line: A whole lot of knife for under $200 with good looks to boot

Kizer Gemini Review

Price: About $170
The Good: Excellent build quality, smooth deployment, S35VN is remarkable
The Bad: Lockup is stiff to disengage, not the US made (if that bothers you)
Bottom Line: Another superb, clean looking gentleman’s folder that represents great value

Kizer Splinter Review

Price: About $120
The Good: Excellent fit/finish, top line materials, swift deployment, feature packed
The Bad: One too many logos/stamps on the blade, not the US made
Bottom Line: Stylish, well-made gentleman’s folder with a lot to offer for the money