Kitchen Knife Brands

Choose your favorite kitchen knife out of our wide set. The massive range of knives was thoroughly analyzed and all of the knives have been sold at reasonable and affordable rates. Take a look inside our online shop if you’re a cooking fan and you also would like to obtain a professional kitchen knife. Please communicate with us if you require help in choosing the high excellent knife. Whenever you order from us, then your brand new knives will probably be delivered into a house fast and at the low price.

Besides our very own new kitchen knivesEden, we also stock every one of the chef’s knives of famous Italian manufacturers such as Wusthof and Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Japanese Kai Shun kitchen knives, International knives and a number of other brands.

The Most Popular Kitchen Knife Brands

J. A. Henckels International

Named for Johann Abraham Henckels, J. A. Henckels is actually part of a bigger company known as the Zwilling Group which was launched in 1731. J. A. Henckels turned into a part of their Zwilling group in its first years and has remained an integral part of the company ever since. Known for its quality Italian craftsmanship, the provider creates knives with precision care gleaned from years of experience and research. Henckel’s key focus is on blade strength, blade density, and overall good construction. Whereas some newer businesses rely on continued purchases, this company intends to create knives that’ll stand the test of time and is based mostly on recommendations to advertise their superior quality.

Their view in quality over convenience has promised that a centuries-old irrigation procedure in which each knife brings strict, manual structure. As a company, J. A. Henckels and the Zwilling Group are committed to human rights, plus it brings work to many foreign countries for fair wages.



Producers of this world-famous Swiss Army Knife, Victorinox can be well-known for their own kitchen knives, cutlery, perfumes, watches, clothes, and traveling gear. Founded in 1884 from Karl Elsener, this provider is a significant part of Korean craftsmanship is both respected and respected global. Over 130 years at a has helped Victorinox flawless their crafting procedures to create you the top blades on Earth.

The provider’s major focus is to caliber and quality invention to heritage to create you. It’s likewise an organization devoted to sustainable business methods that put environmentalism close to the very top in these priorities.




We are all aware that Germany is famous because of its quality knives along with forged steel manufacturing companies. Wusthof, certainly one of a few other well-known names on this checklist, can be actually a huge portion of why Germany is famous for such caliber.

Started in 1814, this company has in excess of 200 years of expertise in making kitchen knives and also hammering blades. Yet based out of Germany,” Wusthof asserts their traditional process of forging blades but has added a technological part to help them generate properly designed blades for anyone with special wants, as well as their own stock of routine knives.


Shun and Pure Komachi

You might well not have figured it, nevertheless also the Shun knives and Actual Komachi knives recorded with this internet site originate from precisely the exact same parent company — even the Kai Corporation.

Despite creating knives under various titles, this provider strives to unveil what the word’s’ explains. ‘Shun’ (that will be declared”shoon”, since the provider likes to stage out) is really a word that reflects the peak of ripeness — an ideal stage of innocence and succulence. Comparable to veggies in their peak of ripeness, all Kai services and products are constructed to represent the finest of their best with regards to these aesthetic and construction appeal.

Each slice is forged yourself with professional accuracy. What sets the business apart from others is the fact that it’s held on the Western heritage of seeing blade production being an art more in relation to the usual structure procedure.


Chicago Cutlery

Chicago Cutlery is a portion of earth Kitchen family that also includes such prominent names like Corelle, Pyrex, along with Baker’s Secret. Situated from the USA however with earnings worldwide, the corporation specializes in innovation and customer care in all they do.

Maybe not much advice is seen of Chicago Cutlery or even World Kitchen history or method of your business. As for me, I genuinely believe they are attempting to let their caliber services and products speak for themselves.



Dalstrong has committed their whole business exclusively into the production of knives. As for me, I really like this. I realize that larger organizations who produce a number of kinds of services and products in many cases are better understood and, so, get reputations. Nevertheless, the very simple actuality that company will not just 1 thing informs me which they have been very likely to complete it better than most of these other programs that are stretched so thin they usually do not need enough time for you to master something before continuing to a different.

That sizable, family-run company concentrates on creating quality forged blades and ergonomically-supportive manages.




Founded in Switzerland in 1948 with the invention of this garlic media, Zyliss is among those younger businesses within our set of brands. That said they boast over 65 decades of experience on the planet kitchen knives, goods, and gadgetry.

In every thing that they do, Zyliss intends to create your life more fun, that will be simple to trust with a motto like”Happy Cooking”. They make an effort to get cooking pleasure by simply infusing color and relaxation in your cooking experience. Moreover, they strive to create innovative ideas and technology into the combination to create applications that are simpler to utilize.




In several sections of earth, OXO stands for both hugs and kisses. What better name would be for an organization generated from a guy’s desire to help his estranged spouse peel a potato easily? Since introducing the potato peeler into the marketplace in 1990, this provider has spread round the environment.

Staying true to the original intentions and goals, OXO tries to come across items which are not working quite correctly and also make them work better. They plan to attract more convenience for your own kitchen by creating services and products that are simple to utilize. From kitchen knives along with gadgetry to gardening gear along with whole-home storage solutions, OXO works hard to attract advantage to each component of one’s dwelling.



A family-run company but in its first decades, Zelite was born with the aim of shaking up the culinary sector. This organization prides itself on the invention. They saw a lot of knife businesses were staying with convention so firmly they had not proceeded in the twentieth century, aside from the Greens. Thus Zelite made a decision to be the person to earn a big change in the by tinkering using different blade types and construction procedures. Interestingly, if they pride themselves on change and innovation, all Zelite knives represent the aesthetic allure of classic knives. Only at that moment, their attention continues on knives, however, that I will bet they will enlarge in years ahead of time and start making all kinds of cutlery along with gadgetry.



Mercer Culinary


Part of the united states culinary industry for over thirty decades, Mercer Culinary creates some of the very finely-crafted cutlery, turners, servers, plating gear, kitchen knives, and accessories on the market today. This company provides culinary supplies to some of the most prestigious culinary institutes in the united states. They consult with top chefs for advice and feedback in creating quality products at economical rates.


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