Buck Knives


Brand Summary

  • Parent Company: Buck Knives Inc
  • Headquarters: Post Falls, Idaho, USA
  • Product Focus: EDC, Tactical, Survival
  • Target Markets: Budget ( < $50), Mid-Range ($50-$150)
  • Production Facilities: USA, China

Founded in San Diego, California, the Buck Knives company is one of the most famous and significant producers of knives in the world. The company’s founder, Hoyt H. Buck, began his career as an apprentice blacksmith in 1902 in his native Kansas. He went on to a career in knife-making, and by World War II he was producing knives for donation to the U.S. war effort.

The Buck Knives company officially began after the war in San Diego, California, producing knives with a better build and materials than those that were commonly available at the time. After Buck’s death in 1949, his family continued his business, and by 1964 had introduced the iconic Model 110 folding hunting knife. Expansion and several major contracts with the military followed, and today Buck Knives remains a top producer of quality blades.

Buck Knives is truly one of the world’s classic knife brands, to the extent that today the term “buck knife” refers to any kind of folding hunting knife along the lines originally laid down by the Buck company. The company is credited with the invention of the modern folding hunting knife, but it is equally well-known for the quality of materials and the wide variety of knife types it produces. From the wood and synthetics of the grips and covers to the steel of the blades, Buck Knives have a reputation for being durable and well-crafted, able to survive the rigours of hunting or the battlefield.

Among the company’s wide selection of sport and field knives, the best-known product from Buck is without a doubt the famous Model 110, the first folding hunting knife and still today one of the best examples of this kind of blade. Designed for use by hunters in the field, the Model 110’s locking mechanism and clip-point blade soon made it world-famous. A later model, the Buckmaster, was one of the first “survival knives” and became popular both with sportsmen and fans of the “Rambo” movies. Some of Buck’s most widely-used knives were produced for the armed forces.

The M9 bayonet was sold to the U.S. Army by the thousands, and the Marine Corps evaluated Buck’s knight hawk model for use by troops in the field. Beyond these famous models, the company also produces a wide variety of folding knives in all sizes and designs for hunters, soldiers, police and everyday use.

Over 100 years since Hoyt Buck first began making knives, the company he started remains one of the best values in knives, with quality models at every price point and for every application. The company gives consumers a difficult-to-beat combination of quality, utility and iconic design, and it remains one of the most well-regarded names on the market for good reason.

Below are some examples of excellent Buck knives that we highly recommend:

Buck Chairman Series Folding Hunter

Buck Chairman SeriesThe Buck Chairman series is a special version of the classic 110 folding hunter which features the signature of Buck’s chairman, Chuck Buck on the handle.  This distinguishing mark is in tribute to the exceptional quality of these pocket knives.  The Buck Chairman features a rich Cherry Dymondwood handle and bolsters made from nickel silver.  It really is a finely crafted piece which combines the rugged versatility of the Buck 110 with a touch of extra style and finesse.  Made in the USA of course and comes with a fine quality leather sheath.  Perfect for everyday use, a special gift or in any collectors inventory.

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Buck 55 Hunter

Buck 55The Buck 55 Hunter is a perfect alternative to those who find the Buck 110 a little too large for their needs.  The Buck 55 is about half the size of the Buck 110 with a blade length of under two and a half inches and weighs only 2.2 ounces.  It carries the same high-quality420HC stainless steel as the 110 and the natural woodgrain handle with brass bolsters.  This is perfect for your junior pint-size outdoorsman or simply something you want to slip into your pocket without knowing it’s there.  Make no mistake, however, the Buck 55 is certainly no toy and arrives razor sharp out of the box.  Well crafted, made in the USA and very much, dare we say, a cute little knife!

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