Boker Knives

Brand Summary

  • Parent Company: Böker Baumwerk GmbH
  • Headquarters: Solingen, Germany
  • Product Focus: EDC
  • Target Markets: Budget (< $50), Mid-Range ($50-$150)
  • Production Facilities: Germany, China, Taiwan

Boker knives, otherwise known as the “Tree Brand”, are well known for their high levels of precision, leading-edge design and use of top quality materials.  They are based in Germany and have been manufacturing knives for well over 100 years.  Most of their knife production is done in Solingen Germany (a famous knife making city) but certain models will be sourced from other countries such as Argentina (Arbolito line), China (Plus line) and France (Opinel line).  Today Boker is a global brand with a focus on quality.  The materials they use tend to be of the higher end and of course, you end up paying a little more than the typical ‘value-based’ brands but to many, that is worth it.

While Boker does make tactical knives they are usually best known for their classic style pocket knives which include Trapper, Stockman and Copperhead lines.  They also produce a wide range of accessories and other products such as knife sharpeners, scissors, flashlights and even swords!

Some examples of quality Boker pocket knives are shown below.

Boker Cronidur Lockback



The Boker Cronidur Lockback is targeted towards huntsmen demanding the highest quality.  The blade is Cronidur 30 stainless steel which is of a similar class to 440C but with improved corrosion resistance.  It has a classic look yet is designed and manufactured using the latest technology.

Current deals on the Boker Cronidur Lockback

Boker Plus Subcom



The Boker Plus Subcom is a unique little knife with a municipal-friendly blade of under 2 inches in length.  It’s made from AUS-8 steel and comes plain or partially serrated.  The real charm of this knife is just how compact it is while being perfectly functional and effective for everyday tasks.  All under 2.5 ounces, it really is a decent quality knife without being super expensive.

Current deals on the Boker Plus Subcom