Best Pocket Knife Brand?

One generally requested question by individuals searching for any great everyday carry blade is that this: “What’s the very best pocket knife brand?” This can be a difficult question to reply to some extent, only since there are a large number of brands and thus many things to consider. A variety of it, too, comes lower to non-public preference.

Due to this fact, it may be easier to shed the label of “best” and just question aloud exactly what the top brands to use your short like this make pocket knives?

While both of these questions are extremely similar, the 2nd real question is much simpler to precisely answer for any broad population. If someone wants to be aware what the very best knife on their behalf could be, that may also be clarified fairly precisely but because an over-all populace question it’s near impossible.

Locating the “best knife” or “best brand” requires getting an understanding of those 5 questions:

Exactly what does the knife have to do?

  •     Who’s the knife for?
  •     Which kind of knife is most preferred?
  •     What are the mechanical preferences?
  •     What’s the budget?

Because this is not about individual knives but instead brands, one must realize that each company may have their standard line, a high-finish line as well as their budget line.

Below, check out our interactive table where one can compare a few of the popular knives currently available:



Carbon/Stainless Steel

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KA-BAR US Marine Corps Knife

1095 Cro-van steel

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Ontario P4-USMC Knife

440A stainless steel

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SOG Bowie 2.0

H1 Steel

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SOG Creed

AUS-8 Steel

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To hone a knife on the whetstone, you need to buy a stone. Some gemstones are made to both hone and hone a knife. The whetstone has a coarse grit somewhere from the stone along with finer grit alternatively. The key factor to keep in mind when utilizing a whetstone would be to keep your stone wet and also to keep your blade on a single position.

A few of the Leading Knife Brands













Benchmade is really a knife company from Or City, Or and definitely deserve to be the top five brands list. Founded in 1988 in California, they gone to live in Clackamas, Or in 1990 concentrating on Indonesia-Song knives. Because they expanded, they ongoing to help keep all operate in-house and for that reason Stateside. This ensured their exacting standards were constantly met, the inspection wasn’t forwarded to a 3rd party.

Because the early years, Benchmade has ongoing to interrupt tradition by continuing to keep their knives American made and in the same area. Benchmade has laboured with the best knife designers on the planet, for example, Bob Lum, Seiichi Nakamura, Greg Thompson as well as Bill McHenry & Jason Johnson. They also have collaborated with Heckler and Koch (HK Knives) to produce a custom line (even though this type of products is outsourced and also the cost does be affected by it).

You will find three tiers to Benchmade’s in-house knives, and they’re the following:




The Gold class is great for collectors and it has some beautiful craftsmanship with no charges are able to escape in the building of these knives. From rare steels, for example, Damascus steel and M390, to titanium and rare wood scales, these items are restricted edition and just offered through select dealers.

Nowhere class may be the “recreational” class while offering top quality knives that everybody knows and loves. S30V, 154CM and D2 have generally seen steels in here and incredibly couple of, or no, of those knives ever drift below $100.

The Black class isn’t generally available, as most of the knives for the reason that line isn’t provided to the general public, because it is their military and Police Force tier.   Most of the knives here require special permits only because of federal law, too.


Serious Emerson established fact for his tactical folding knife designs. In 1994, together with Benchmade Knives, he designed the CQC 7, which brought the best way to him founding Emerson Knives, Corporation. Together with his wife in 1996.

These knives are produced in-house in La, CA and therefore are created using 154CM stainless, as the handles are manufactured from G10, which is a kind of fibreglass laminate. 154CM is among the best steels available and it is produced by exactly the same company which produces S30V-Crucible.

Since that time, Emerson Knives went on to utilize other knife companies to produce some stunning designs and limited editions. They also have laboured for that Navy SEALs to create and make knives that can withstand heavy use and therefore are true “MIL-SPEC.”

While Emerson does make custom knives for purchasers, they are available in a cost. His custom knives have offered for more than $10,000 that is greater than many people could or would invest in a knife. Thankfully, standard Emerson pocket knives don’t cost much yet are fairly costing $150 (and often more).


Spyderco is yet another well-known brand from Golden, Colorado. These knives are instantly recognizable and were the first one to introduce such things as one-handed opening and combo blades for folding knives. They’re aggressive within their appearance and many possess the trademark “Spyderhole” close to the spine of almost all their folding knives making this well suited for individuals who put on mitts because this enables for simple deployment despite the bulkiest of mitts.

What sets Spyderco apart is the fact that when they will have their collectable knives, restricted knives and limited run knives that are more expensive compared to average Spyderco knife, the expense of these knives isn’t remarkable. Spyderco concentrates on getting quality knives for any reasonable cost and certain models, like the Endura, have been in existence nearly as lengthy as Spyderco itself.

Spyderco uses quality materials, for example, S35V, but probably generally use 8Cr13MoV to reduce the price of production after which pass the savings onto their clients. Spyderco also offers a number of customized pocket knives where one can choose your steel, the scales as well as what’s etched around the blade. This personalization of the famous knife designs is a fairly accessory for a previously great product.


Many people are extremely stuck on knife branding in exactly the same way many people are stuck on certain clothing brands. My buddy, for example, is only going to purchase Benchmade and ESEE knives and it has overlooked lots of good knives who have been nearly as good, otherwise much better than the knife he wound up getting.

Knife brands make the perfect beginning point for choosing a knife and you may tell a great deal about the caliber of the knife simply by seeing certain brands, though not all knives inside a brand are produced equal, therefore you should seek information, handle all potential knives you’re searching at and then suggest an informed purchase according to exactly what constitutes a knife vital that you.

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